Nestle, Sofia, Bulgaria

Nestle Sofia (Bulgaria) invests 2.4 million euro in projects to increase labor productivity, energy efficiency and the development of new products.  Over the years the company has spend 130 million euro at this location.  The company offers a variety of products: coffee, culinary products (under the brand “Maggi”), chocolate desserts, baby food, pet food, cereal and coffee machines. With a marketshare for coffee of 40.6% Nestle is the marketleader in Bulgaria.  It is second in chocolate desserts (15.5%) and pet food (23.3%). The company produces 15000 tonnes per year of animal food (KitKat), mainly for export.

Turn-over 2017 of Nestle Bulgaria is 129 million euro.

Swiss based Nestle is the largest food company in the world (HQ: Vevey Switzerland; turn-over 2017: 89 billion swiss francs; 323000 employees).


Nestle HQ Vevey Switzerland

Source:   April 24th 2018

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