Naspers (HQ: Cape Town; SA) purchased 70% from E-Mag, an E-commerce company in Romania, in year 2012 and increased it’s stake to 74% in year 2014. Naspers is a “communication company” with activities in the media, internet, e-commerce and gaming (turn-over year 2015: 4.5 billion euro).

E-mag is an  online  e-commerce platform for IT equipment, electronics, home apliances, personal care- and car products, books…. Naspers invests 120 million euro in a new logistical center for E-Mag in Romania.

Naspers holds a stake of 31% in the Chinese company Tencent.











Naspers, Cape Town, South Africa     June 19thj 2018


Author:  Aurel Dragan

Language: english

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