Logistics real estate investor, WdP, becomes one of the most important players in Romania and  owned over 430.000 m2 of logistical facilities in the country recently.  It has purchased facilities in the logistical centers of Cluj-Napoca, Braşov and Timişoara. It will invest another 75 million euro in the development of additional facilities : 80,000 m2 in Stefanii  de Jos, 33,000 sq m  (acquisition) located in Cluj-Napoca and another 20,000 sqm for a brewery in the same location. The company owns facilities in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Romania.


Source: Seenews.com       October 1th 2018  Author: Nicoleta Banila

Source: Profit.ro                November 27th 2018

Source: Detijd.be              Jan 10th 2018

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