KGAL Gmbh and Micronix Group (Czechia) together acquire seven solar plants in Bulgaria (43 MWp in total) from Samsung (Korea) for an amount above 88.9 million $.


The solar plants are located close to Vratsa (2), Letnitsa (3) and Veselinovo (1).  They represent 4.12 % of Bulgarian solar capacity and provide a turn-over of 12.8 million euro.  A new operational entity will be created with a 60% share for KGAL Gmbh.

KGAL Gmbh is an investment company  (Grünwald, Germany) with 335 employees (2016) and an investment portfolio of 22.7 billion euro , mainly in real estate, renewable energy and airplanes.


Source:                             January 18th  2019

Author: Jung Min-Hee

Language: english

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