starting date: July 9th 2016                

How to search for European FDI investment news ?

 No. of investments in the database:   819  at February 19th 2019         

Information on investment projects can be searched and selected, with the ‘search engine’ that is available on this page,   on the basis of one- or several selection criteria. The criteria can be selected by clicking on one of the ‘bars’ below.

It is possible to select investment news on criteria such as…the country where the investment is coming from…… the country of destination….the sector…..the investing company….type of investment (greenfield investment,expansion, acquisition…)………..type of invested business activity (production, research, sales & marketing, logisitics, holding structure)….year of the news…..language of the source article.

Consult one or more criteria-categories by clicking on one or more of  the ‘bars’ below. Select one or more criteria by clicking  on it/them. A selected criterium will be (temporarily) visible in a blue colored bar. After all selectioncriteria have been selected (and visible in their bar) click on  the “Search FDI Europe News” button.  .  Alternatively it is possible to enter ‘self choosen text’ in the highest bar of the search engine.   Add a word in this bar. Then touch the “Search FDI Europe News” bar.  Subsequently, a list of  selected ‘news-article-titles’ is provided. This page is called the ‘The Search Results’.  Each of the delivered individual ‘news article titles’   fulfills  ALL of the criteria that have been used in the search.

In order to open an individual ‘news article summary’ …. click on it’s title in the ‘search results’ list.  In case the ‘search results’ should be safeguarded, click on the right side of the mouse in order to open an individual news article summary in a new tab.

An individual ‘news article summary’ contains information on one of the existing sources of the factual information (so-called ‘the source’; often the same factual information can be discovered on several different websites, not just one), factual data concerning this particular investment and ‘Google search terms’. These terms enable to discover quickly one (or more) source(s) of the same investment project in  the ‘Google News’-search engine (go to and search for ‘News’ with the ‘Google search terms’).