Consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

‘Corporate Investment Europe’ is a consulting firm for corporate investments in Europe, exclusively for corporations. We advice on the best strategic way forward, either ‘mergers & acquisitions’ or ‘greenfield investments’.  In case of existing regional operations, we help to identify the most appropriate restructurization opportunities. For ‘greenfield investments’ we develop a complete & objective and high quality benchmark study among existing opportunities in terms of best corporate location.  If desired, we  engage also in early stage operational investment activities.  In case of  ‘M&A’ requests, we evaluate regional & sectorial opportunities and enable communication between the potential buyer and seller without the need for ‘ an identification of the parties’ in the early stages of the process. We are located close to the European Parlement and offer a strong network with EU representatives, allowing us to enter into discussion with authorities from all European countries on either the existing corporate environment in the country, or the environment that should exist, if an investment is to be attracted to this country.

Recent FDI Investment Project News

1802, 2019

Automotive component supplier Teklas (Turkey) expands in Serbia and invests 11.35 million euro in a new manufacturing facility in Vratsa (Bulgaria).

Teklas, full private company with HQ in Turkey (Kocaeli) , is a known supplier of automotive rubber parts for "fluid circulation systems' with seven manufacturing facilities worldwide, offices in several countries (Germany, France, Bulgary, Serbia, Mexico, China) and 3600 employees. It has invested 7 million euro in a new manufacturing plant as well as an R&D Center in Kardzhali (Bulgaria) in the past. The company announced additional investments in the factory at Vladicin Han (Serbia) that will create 500 new jobs, as well as the creation of a new factory in Vratsa (Bulgaria) with 500 new jobs (investment: 11.35 million euro).

1301, 2019

Schaeffler (D) establishes a new testing center in Brasov (Romania).

Schaeffler Gruppo, a major producer of bearings for the automotive, aerospace and industrial sectors (headquarter: Herzogenaurach/Germany) employs 86000 persons and has a turn-over of 14 billion euro (2016). In Romania the company operates a manufacturing site in Cristian and increases the number of employees to 5000. The company produces components for the machine tool industry and car industry and industrial bearings. Additionally, a new testing center (with 160 engineers) has been build in Brasov.

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consulting firm of corporate investment in Europe
consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

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Quality Guarantee



We want to have a moral compas to do the right thing for our customers and in a reliable way.


We aim to provide reports of highest standards allowing our customers to take the best possible decisions.


We take all precautions to provide fully objective information that serves the interest of our customers.


We like supporting our custumers to the best of our competences with all the energy and motivation inside us.

We want to provide information of the highest standards to our customers. Our main aim is to, ultimately,  convince them that they are well prepared to take major investment decisions. In order to achieve this, we promote good professional practices and methodologies. We take an integer approach and aim to act transparent and accountable. We can only achieve if we provide fully objective information. This is why we accept corporate customers only. And above all we put all the passion and energy we have in our mutual project.


  • We offer competence and expertise in foreign investment matters.

    We are a consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe. We have many years of experience in advising and supporting companies that wish to invest, either in a ‘greenfield operation’, a ‘merger & acquisition’ or a restructurization. Together with the client, we aim to prioritize among the many criteria that are relevant for each of the investment types.   We have access to a large amount of information and which is specific for each region, allowing us to identify the best ranking among available opportunities and that are tailored to the needs of a individual customer.

  • Profound analytical reporting

    Many criteria need to be assessed in the context of an investment. Years of experience allow us to verify each of them in the light of the specific  needs of an individual customer. The more important criteria are often about ‘available skills and operational resources’,  ‘individual and total operational costs’ and ‘long term stability of the business environment’.

  • Objective reporting

    It is of key importance that customers believe in our objectivity. For this reason, our company accepts assignments from corporations only and we do not accept projects from other organisations, such as Investment Promotion Agencies.  In this way, we are able to focus to the needs and preferences of our corporate clients.

  • Extended quality guarantee

    Investment related decisions are of great importance to a company. For this, we aim to deliver services at the highest quality level, enabling our customers to take the best decisions at the right time.  In order to provide confidence, we offer customers a significant rebate on previously agreed pricing, should the client have doubts about the quality of delivered services at the moment of the finalisation of the project.  

  • Additional services

    We also engage in early stage operational investment activities,  such as  negotiations with authorities  (incentives, legal requirements,…), potential ‘M&A’  partners and real estate agents. We help to prepare for future progress…

  • HQ location: Brussels & Capital of Europe

    Our HQ is located within walking distance to the European Parlement. Thanks to our network, we engage in conversations with authorities from all European countries, in order to collect relevant information, negotiate incentives and, as such,  provide the best possible investment conditions to our customers.

  • Global scope

    We have a  worldwide network, and act with a global scope.

Recent FDI Investment  General News

2411, 2017

Dublin and Luxembourg are popular places for insurers after brexit. Lloyd’s of London opens a subsidiary in Brussels.

The largest insurers market, Lloyd's of London, intends to establish a new subsidiary in Brussels (Belgium). However, for the insurers themselves, Dublin/Ireland (9 companies) and Luxembourg (7) appear to be the most popular places, post brexit. Brussels/Belgium is the choice of 5 insurers while a few choose for Paris (2) and Munich (1). Lloyd's of London is the largest marketplace for insurers worldwide where insurers/underwriters come together to spread the risk. Collectively underwriters agreed contracts for a value of 26,69 billion pounds in the year 2016.

1411, 2017

As a result of Brexit, Frankfurt(1st) and Dublin(2nd) are the most popular destinations for financial services companies that want to leave London.

A lot of financial services companies that are based in London, are considering to relocate as a result of Brexit. Dublin is the second most popular location. After Barclays, also The Banc of America has choosen this location as main European hub (although they may relocate part of their business to other European towns). Frankfurt is the most popular location and companies such as Morgan Stanley, Standard Chartered and Nomura Holdings have choosen this location.

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The USA, Europe, South-East Asia…all are strong economic performers in terms of GDP (nominal)…and Europe has a larger GDP than China . When correcting for variations in regional purchasing prices (PPP), the total buying power exceeds even the one of the USA, while China is able to match Europe.  

However the population in Asia is much larger as compared to the USA and Europe. In terms of PPP/capita , the USA demonstrates a high efficiency in generating PPP with a smaller population, while Europe is still much more effective in comparison to China, that has some catching up to do. Concequently, Europe represent a formidable economic powerhouse on a global basis and has a lot of  buying power to offer to  suppliers of products and services.


Dr. Lucas Huybrechts
Dr. Lucas HuybrechtsCEO & Founder
Dr. Lucas Huybrechts
Founder & CEO

Dr. Lucas Huybrechts has over a decade of experience at the Belgian Governmental Investment Promotion Agency. As such he is experienced in the way regions promote their location and what really matters for corporations. He has held a number of management positions in various countries (Nl, D, Fr, Be) for large multinationals including CPC (currently Cargill), Shell Oil, Gist Brocades (currently DSM). He is the founder of a price winning biotech start-up in Belgium, has over a decade of experience as high-tech entrepreneur and has written a book on ‘entrepreneurship’ as well as a number of medical articles. He has been interviewed both by the Belgian written media, as well as on television. He holds a degree of PhD in Science and in Business Adminstration from the Universities of Leuven/Belgium (KUL) and Antwerp (UIA).


consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

Brussels – Atomium

consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

Brussels – Grand Place

consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

Brussels – Parc Cinquantenaire

consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

Brussels – Royal Palace

Our company is located in the hart of Europe; in  both  the ‘old  Brussels’  and the  new  ‘Capital of Europe/Brussels’.

Enabling us to connect easily with authorities from all European countries.

Email: Bestcorporatelocation@gmail.com

Tel: ++ 32 477 38 20 04

consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

Brussels – European Parlement

consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

Brussels – European Parlement

consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

Brussels – Place Luxembourg

consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

Brussels – European Parlement

The company is centrally located, close to European capitals, such as Paris, Berlin, Budapest  and London.

consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe
consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe
consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe
consulting firm for corporate investment in Europe

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